Springs manufacturing

Since 1955 MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA has been producing springs and wire forming, focusing on keys factors like: technology, quality, dynamic and flexibility at customer’s service. Thanks to long experience, innovation of technology and process, as well as to productive skills we are among European leading Suppliers for:

  • Automotive Industry;
  • Building;
  • Furniture and Gardening;
  • Hardware and Household

Because of our wide production lines and our production possibilities we can supply diversified demand, and we can produce small quantities, prototypes, as well as industrial series. .


  • tension springs;
  • compression springs;
  • torsion springs;
  • springs for sectional doors;
  • zig-zag springs for upholstery and bedding;
  • metal wares in wire or strip on drawing or sample;
  • welded and unwelded rings;
  • exagonal and rectangular meshes

Tension springs

Tension spring is a spring which works in extension; it is also characterized by the presence of eyelets, made out of coils or linked to the spring’s body as a hook. MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA has been manufacturing tension springs since 1955, and therefore its customers can count on necessary experience, technical knowledge and productive skills in products’ development.

Spring’s production is preceded by a meticulous preliminary project, a careful raw material’s selection and testing, that must respect technical specifications and applications required by customer. Modern and large productive plants allow to satisfy different types of demand, from industrial series to small and prototypes production.

Wire bending range:
from 0,20 up to 20,00mm
Eyelets typologies available:
– simple and double English hooks;
– German hooks;
– open or closed hooks;
– shaped hooks according to drawing;
– moulded hooks.
Superficial treatments:
according to customer’s technical requirement
Main Application Markets:
– furniture and upholstery;
– automotive;
– security systems and closures;
– solar protection.

Compression springs

The fundamental property of this type of spring is to exert a compressive force generally linear along its axis.
Our Company has a long and wide experience in compression springs’ manufacturing.

We grant maximum flexibility and we are at customers’ disposal for consultancy in product planning, technical support in providing prototypes, continuous research of innovative solutions and strategical semplifications of the product, testing.
We are seeking maximun efficiency for price competitivity.
Thanks to our plants we can produce either small series as well as industrial series.

Wire bending range:
da 0,20 a 20,00mm
Bending direction:
– left and right;
– cylindrical;
– conical;
– convex;
– concave.
Ending Coils:
– open;
– closed and not granded;
– closed and granded.
Superficial Treatments:
– according to customer’s technical requirements
Main Application Markets:
– automotive;
– furniture and sitting;
-safety systems.

Torsion springs

MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA has been manufacturing torsion springs for various applications since 1955.
We grant maximum flexibility and we are at customers’ disposal for consultancy in product planning, technical support for prototypes, continuous research of innovative solutions and strategical semplifications of the product, price and service competitiveness, service and product quality, production of small quantities and industrial series.

Wire bending range:
from 0,20 up to 20,00mm
Typologies of torsion springs we can produce.
We produce different types of torsion springs, with tangential and radial extremities, tridimensional shapes and connections:

– simple torsion springs;
– double torsion springs;
– rods of torsion;
– springs for rolling systems.
Superficial Treatments:
according to customer’s request
Main Market applications:
– Automotive;
– Furniture and Outdoor;
– Office Seatings;
– Building and Solar Protection Systems;
– Doors, Garages and Security Closures
– Agriculture

Zig Zag springs

Zig-zag springs (also named Sinuous springs) are generally used in upholstery, bedding, and car-seating manufacturing. Our Company has been producing zig-zag springs since 1955 and we are one of European leader thanks to our quantity and price competitivity. We export and sell all over the world directly or through our local distributors.

Wire diameter range:
from 2,50 up to 4,20mm – Height of the wave: from 35 upt to 80mm
Typologies of zig-zag springs availables:
– zig-zag springs in rolls of 25mts., or 30mts. (different lenght can be agreed according to customer’s special requirement)
– zig-zag springs in cut lenghts: flat, curved or highly curved (circles).
Endings typologies avaialble:
– terminal with bend;
– terminal with eyelet;
– terminal with coupling for direct insertion to frame.
Superficial Treatments:
– raw;;
– zinc-plated;
– powder-coated.
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Metal wares in wire and strip-rings

We name METAL WARES all those shapes produced by bending round or squared material, basing on a drawing, prototype or on research made for our Customers itself.

Our Company, born as a Spring manufacturer, has enlarged its production possibilities with wire forming manufacturing of round and strip material as a natural evolution of original production.
The production line of METAL WARES has numerous applications: a bend shape can be find everywhere in today life, but only few Companies can produce it professionally, using different materials, and providing a wide range of finishings and superficial treatments as MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA does.
Thanks to our plants we can produce either small quantities and industrial series.

Wire bending range:
from 0,20 up to 20,00mm
Main Metal wares produced:
– metal parts according to drawing or prototype;
– hooks of different shapes and dimension;
– torsion rods;
– welded and unwelded rings – ovals and similars.
Superficial Treatments:
according to Customer’s request
Main Market Applications:
– automotive;
– furniture;
– hardware and household;
– gardening and agriculture;
raw and pre-galvanized wire; brass; copper; steel with different carbon content (UNI EN ISO 10270-1 / DIN 17223-1); pre-tempered steel (UNI EN ISO 10270-2 / DIN 17223-2); stainless steel (EN 10088 / DIN 17224); steel made out of special leagues; other materials on demand.

Production of springs, pruductive process and quality

The presence of highly skilled personnel allows MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA to follow step by step all the phasis of the productive process:

– development, project and realization of tools and plants are internally possible thanks to the use of modern informatic systems and CAD-CAM;
– sourcing of raw materials is made with the support of selecting systems and suppliers’ grading; realization of bend parts on costumer’s drawing is specially studied with and for the customer itself.

MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA operates according to the rules written in the Internal Quality Handbook, based on UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 Standards. Raw material in entrance is tested according to above standards, granting production uniformity and homogeneity. Production lots are also tested by skilled personal with the support of modern testing units. Quality Office is at customer’s disposal to convey personalized testing procedures. Tracing of all production lots is granted by the internal testing system and by labelling.

Heat treatment of springs and superficial treatment of springs

Heat treatment and temperature release are made inside MOLLIFICIO PAVANO SPA, after spring’s coiling, by modern plants, appositly developed and manufactured. In order to satisfy customers’ diversified demand, springs and metal wares can be submitted to different superficial treatments such as:

– zinc-plating
– shot-blasting;
– cataphoresis;
– nickeling;
– chroming;
– brass-plating;
– powder coating;
– plastification.

Other superficial treatments are available on demand.